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What’s up, guys? Welcome to the channel Beyond Infinity. A channel where you can learn about the universe and everything beyond. Today’s topic is black holes.

What are black holes and how they form?

Black holes are objects so massive that not even light can escape from them. That’s why they’re pitch black.

They form at the end of the life of massive stars. The star implodes and compresses so much mass into one point that it collapses, forming a black hole and its horizon of darkness.

It rotates at an insane speed because when a black hole forms from the remains of a massive star, it carries the angular momentum of the star. You can see the conservation of angular momentum in real life. For example, if you’re spinning on a chair and spread your legs out, you’ll spin slower, and when you put your legs together, you’ll spin faster.

The matter ejected into space during the formation of a black hole forms an accretion disk. In close orbits around massive black holes, it can reach up to 50% of the speed of light.

Friction and collisions between particles can heat them to hundreds of thousands of degrees, making the space around them incredibly bright.

Why do the black holes look so strange?

Because of their insane mass, they bend light so much that you can see the accretion disk on the opposite side from where you are looking. This creates their strange, unnatural appearance.

If we get close to the black hole, we reach the event horizon, or point of no return, because the escape velocity is faster than the speed of light. That’s why black holes are black.

If we are close to the event horizon, we can observe interesting visual effects.

We can see our own back because the light orbits around black hole near the event horizon.

And we can observe the gravitational blue shift of light. The universe will glow blue and purple because the light coming towards you has to pass through an extreme gravitational field.

What is inside of black holes?

Basically. We don’t know. Our calculations will break down. In most cases, we get infinity. Infinite gravity, infinite density, stopped time and so on. Some physicists claim that there’s a singularity at the center and that time is swapped with space. The singularity in a black hole is no longer a point in space, but something in the future. This raises a lot of questions to which we have no answers.


It looks we need more understanding of physics to truly understand black holes. For that we need quantum gravity theory on what we are working right now. Maybe in few years we get answer.

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